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Apr 16, 2018

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The lawyers presented the government with documentation expressing their intent to provide representation, the advocates said, but were denied access to the detainees inside the armory as they were processed and moved to detention centers in the region. (ICE declined to comment on whether lawyers were denied access to detainees or non-deportable, work-eligible immigrants were arrested.) Andrew Free, a Nashville immigration and civil rights attorney, told The Intercept that the use of the National Guard armory marked a “dramatic escalation in the militarization of the war on immigrants.” “I’d be very concerned as to the fact that it might be a harbinger of things to come,” he added, noting that the use of the National Guard facility in Tennessee came less than a week after President Donald Trump announced that he would deploy the reserve military force to the U.S. border with Mexico. “My fear — and I hope that this is not realized — is that once you cross this line between domestic interior immigration enforcement and military personnel, military facilities, military material, it’s hard for that line to then not get crossed again, and crossed further and further and further.” ICE officials said the National Guard was not involved in the operation and that the armory was “the most appropriate government building to support the law enforcement action.” The National Guard did not respond to repeated requests for comment. “We need to be concerned about this,” Free said. “We’re going to look back and we’re going to see last week as the beginning of something very new.” “Every worker that we talked to said that they arrested everybody, but several have said that they left all of the white managers and supervisors.” According to Teatro, advocates are working to confirm repeated claims that, instead of asking questions to determine whether an individual was eligible for arrest and deportation, ICE instead took people into custody based on their ethnicity. “This is a follow-up question we have,” Teatro said. “Every worker that we talked to said that they arrested everybody, but several have said that they left all of the white managers and supervisors.” She added, “Multiple people have said they arrested everybody, all the workers; they arrested all the brown people; or they left behind the white supervisors.” In an affidavit for a search warrant filed last week, Nicholas Worsham, a special agent with the criminal division of the IRS, laid out the government’s justification for the raid, which followed a monthslong investigation of the family-run cattle-slaughtering business. Worsham accused Southeastern Provision of evading taxes, filing false tax returns, and illegally employing undocumented workers. The affidavit names James Brantley, the plant’s president and general manager, as well as his wife, daughter, and another employee as targets of the investigation. But, unlike dozens of their workers, the Brantleys were not detained during the search conducted under the warrant, and they have not yet been charged. According to public records, the case that led to the Tennessee raid has been closed, suggesting that if the managers of the plant are charged, it will be in a separate case. The U.S.

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