5 Myths About Family Law

Apr 15, 2018

Family Law

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Kansas St., to focus on child protective services such as child welfare law and representing parents and children. “Being a family law lawyer is really emotionally exhausting because people are good people, but they’re the most stressful times,” Ness-Garcia said. “I like doing children’s rights issues because it provides me with perspective and helps me remember there is a bigger picture out there.” Ness-Garcia has represented El Paso in the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) since 2015. She also ran for state representative in 2014. “I kept being asked how I was going to be able to be a politician as the state representative if I was a mom,” Ness-Garcia said. “Somehow, I was a bad mother for taking time away from my children and wanting to make this world better, which for me was the exact reason why I was doing it.” Ness-Garcia felt El Paso was a good community to raise children, and currently has two daughters and a son. She kept her maiden name in order to stay connected with her roots along with her married name to stay connected with her eldest child, the only one from her previous marriage. “I’ve been blessed to have some really incredible children, who are very socially active in their own way,” Ness-Garcia said. “My oldest daughter went to see Bernie Sanders, reads the news and she comes and tells me what worries her.” During Donald Trump’s presidential race, Ness-Garcia said her children were worried for their caretaker from Cd. Juárez, believing a wall would be built overnight and not being able to see her again. “We hear about how dangerous it is that we’re right here with Mexico, not realizing that’s one of the blessed gifts this town offers,” said Ness-Garcia.

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